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When it's hot hot hot... you use lots of water water water!


Remember water treatment systems have a gallons capacity of water they can treat before they have to regenerate (clean themselves).

Most systems meter the water and know when to regenerate, but some systems only have a days' settings. All systems by default are set to regenerate at night. So if you use excessive water during the day (and exhaust the system's capacity) before the system regenerates at night, then you'll likely experience poor water quality.

Depending on your water quality and the amount of water usage, most systems will be able to recuperate that night after the regen. However, if the usage is extreme and/or occurs multiple times in a short time frame, the system may not be able to recuperate on its own and may require a service call. So please make sure to bypass your system before excessive usage.

Here are just a few times to remember to bypass your system:

  • Filling up your pool
  • Using a water slide that runs the water continuously
  • Cleaning/power washing house
  • Washing driveways and/or multiple cars
  • Watering lawn/plants
  • Sprinklers - If this is the case, you may want to look into an irrigation well or have these plumbed in so they're using water before the treatment system

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De-Winterizing your summer home BEFORE you turn on the water


Here's a handy step by step checklist to de-winterize your summer home. Don't have time to dewinterize... call Water Pro! We can de-winterize your home, perform a thorough check for leaks, and get your system serviced as well, to make sure you start the season off with great water. For the month of June, if we de-winterize your summer home, mention this article and we'll give you one bag of salt free!

De-Winterize Checklist
 When you open the front/back door, do you smell mold/moisture?
 Check the well pump house or city shut on/off for any signs of water leakage.
 If there's a crawl space or basement, inspect all areas above and below for wet insulation, standing water, or mud.
 BEFORE turning on any water connections, walk through the entire inside of the house inside (all levels), opening cabinets where pipes are found, and inspecting visually for any signs of water leaking.
 Go around to every fixture and make sure that all lines are connected. Check the sinks, toilets, icemaker, dishwasher, water heater, water softener, reverse osmosis system, and whatever else you might have in the house that is connected to plumbing. Connect anything that was disconnected before turning on the water.
 Prime well pump (you will need water, usually a few gallons). Check pressure tank for correct water/air ratio and confirm tank operating correctly.
 Turn on the main water supply to the house. You may need to wait for the well pressure tank or bladder tank to fill before proceeding.
 Repeat checklist above now that main water supply has been turned on. Listen and look for water seepage.
 If no leakage, continue de-winterization steps:
 Turn on your water treatment system(s).
 If no leakage, continue de-winterization steps:
 Take a white 5 gallon bucket outside and turn your outside water faucet on slowly and increase flow; check the quality of water coming out of the faucet for one minute.
 Test faucets, one at a time slowly, in case there's a leak in any of the drain pipes. Turn on the cold water faucet first for sink and tub faucets. Repeat for the hot water. Flush toilets. All taps should eventually run clear and odorless after a few minutes.
 Guest #1 sink cold  Guest #1 sink hot
 Guest #1 tub/shower cold  Guest #1 tub/shower hot  Flush toilet
 Guest #2 sink cold  Guest #2 sink hot
 Guest #2 tub/shower cold  Guest #2 tub/shower hot  Flush toilet
 Master sink cold  Master sink cold  Master sink hot  Master sink hot
 Master tub/shower cold  Master tub/shower hot  Flush toilet
 Kitchen sink cold  Kitchen sink hot
 Turn the faucet on for your reverse osmosis unit
 Plug in refrigerator and select ice maker to 'ON' to make ice (be sure to toss away the first several ice trays produced).
 Contact Water Pro to get your water treatment system(s) serviced, filter changed (if applicable), and your tank filled with salt.
 Contact Water Pro if water quality is not good after a few days.

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