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Leaving your home home for the season... soon?


We recommend a full winterization of your system and all of the lines to prevent freezing damage if any of the following apply:

  • A system installed in an unheated garage or outside structure

  • A vacation home you're not using in the winter

  • You leave your home for an extended winter vacation

Not ready to winterize just yet?

Preschedule your winterization now so you don't have to worry later. Click here to contact us and let us know the winterization time frame that works for you.

Why Does Soft Water Make My Skin Feel Slippery?


A water softener removes contaminants in your water so your skin is rinsed completely without hard water minerals left behind. When left behind, hard water minerals can trap residue and traces of soap, dead skin cells and other particles that can make your skin feel dry and scratchy.

The slippery, softness you feel is what your skin is supposed to feel like.

So, it's a good thing!

Habitat for Humanity


Water Pro makes a monthly commitment to give back to the community. Every month, 100% of the first week of monthly water sales are donated on a rotating basis.

September is for Habitat for Humanity; see you soon for affordable, great tasting, and refreshing drinking water!

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Should you turn off your water system while you're on vacation?


If you will be gone for a few days or even an extended period of time, it's not necessary to shut your water system off. Our systems are designed to regenerate both on a meter and as a backup on days so that while you are away, the system may refresh itself once or twice to ensure the quality of water is still great when you return.

If you prefer to turn the water off altogether, make sure you bypass your system. Once you bypass your system you can unplug your water system or leave it plugged in since it really won't matter. The important thing to remember is to take it off bypass when you return and, if necessary, set the correct day and time.

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